Who Are We?

Integrated Securities group is an experienced originator and manager of equity loans and commercial loans. Integrated Securities Group’s
primary area of expertise is the origination of equity loans in the Asia Pacific region and the USA, as well as commercial loans and management of mezzanine finance.

We have a strong Asia-Pacific foundations in equity, debt and private capital markets

Integrated Securities Group and our underwrites have a strong track record in origination and managing debt facilities and last year were involved in originator and management of $770 Million dollars (USD) in equity loans.

Our Strengths

The advantages of working with us

At Integrated Securities our advisory team provides our clients with standout expertise and market access to facilitate creative share financing across global equity markets.

Integrated Securities has a proven relationship with a UK regulated entity acting as custodian. Through this relationship, the past 12 months alone has seen over $770m of share financing deals completed.

Our coverage is global, with team members in Europe, Asia and the US timezones.

We have implemented a risk management framework to identify, measure, monitor and where appropriate mitigate risk for our clients. The objective of the framework is to ensure that events are monitored across multiple asset classes to identify opportunities that best suit our clients.

Our Strategy

We choose to diversify our risk by utilising our global team coverage across multiple asset classes, choosing to operate in only regulated environments. This ensures our stability, and the strength to offer our clients a reliable service.


At Integrated Securities we always put the client first always  and in doing so we always act honestly and fairly. We earn the trust of our clients and shareholders through the quality of our work and our high ethical standards.

An Awesome Team of Psychologist and Psychiatrist

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Our Partners

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