Integrated Securities is an experienced originator and manager of equity loans and commercial loans in the Asia Pacific region, Europe and the USA.


Our experienced management team has been involved in all aspects of the lending and share markets.  Their experience and expertise ensures the best outcome for all stakeholders.


Our Services

Integrated Securities provides a complete suite of services in for equity loans. Our expertise is bringing borrowers and lenders together and managing the process for our clients. We are 100% customer focused and take great pride in our results. We match our clients with the right type of loans. Typically our loans are non-recourse, with very competitive interest rates. Our transactions between lenders and borrowers are carried through third parties that are regulated in the UK. Our clients can take comfort in knowing they are dealing with UK regulated entities, governed and regulated by the FCA.



All transactions are handled by third party regulated entities. All trusts, depositories and custodian services are managed by Global Prime Partners (GPP), which is registered in England– authorized and regulated by the FCA.


What is an equity loan?

An equity loan is a non-recourse loan where you use your own shares as the underlying security.  We provide First Mortgage, Mezzanine Debt, Preferred Equity, Equity and Structure Finance equity loans.


Eligible Criteria

Integrated Securities accepts the widest range of collateral in the industry. Any listed share that is liquid, free-trading and unrestricted is acceptable collateral.


Loan terms

We tailor each loan to suit the needs of our clients.